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Win with Baby2Sleep’s 12 Day’s of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas Series is back for 2022 and it is even bigger and better than ever.


With 12 amazing mum ran small businesses sharing how they can help you and your family with gift ideas, cost-cutting ways to wrap gifts and wash clothes, subscription boxes to treat yourself or gift to a friend, baby clothes and products, online courses to help with fussy eaters and sleep, right through to pregnancy pillows to help you sleep, we have you covered.

All the competitions will run from Monday 14th November through to Sunday 27th November so you get to meet all the businesses over the 2 weeks.

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They are all incredible women and are doing amazing things.

I would like to introduce you to these amazing businesses now:

Win Wrap It By Tina’s How to Make a Gift Hamper Online Tutorial CLICK HERE

12 dyas with wrap it by tina

Click to watch 14/11/22

wrap gift box bag full of goodies

Christmas is coming and you may be looking for creative ways to wrap your gifts. Maybe you are planning on buying less but would like to create the illusion under the tree that there is more than there is. This is where Tina can help.

Tina Nandha is a Professional Gift Wrapper and Creative Mentor. After doing this for 7 years, she has learnt the art of producing beautiful gift wraps and teaching others how to wrap like a pro without stress. She has trained the gift-wrapping concierge team at the flagship Adidas store in Oxford Street and demonstrated twice at The Ideal Home Show Christmas. She has also experimented with so many different types of materials and embellishments to know which combinations produce stylish wraps.

Win a £30 Gift Card plus free p&p from Build a Bundle CLICK HERE

12 Days Build a Bundle

Click to watch 14/11/22

Build a bundleKids playing Build a Bundle

It’s coming up to Christmas and you may be wanting some Christmas clothes for the kids, but don’t fancy spending a small fortune on clothes that will only be worn for 1 month, or even 1 day.

Buildabundle is an online preloved children’s and maternity clothes shop run by Anna and Nathalie, 2 mums from Cumbria. They sell quality-checked second-hand clothes from 0-14 years plus maternity sizes 6-20. You can sell your children’s outgrown clothes to them too. Buildabundle’s aim to make buying preloved as easy and convenient as buying brand new – better for the planet and your pocket!

Win a Magic Mummy Nappy Care Spray CLICK HERE

12 days Mummy's Magic

Click to watch 16/11/22

Mummy's Magic Spray

If your baby has ever suffered from nappy rash, you know how much pain it can cause them. You also may have experienced the range of creams that love to stain clothes and get stuck in your nails when trying to help their bottom heal.

Let me introduce you to Mummy’s Magic.

Mummys™ Magic is a naturally formulated, plant-based nappy care spray. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin to soothe, calm, protect and moisturise your baby’s skin, can be used for every nappy change.

Non-touch, spray formula, Made with 100% natural ingredients, suitable for vegans, NO harmful chemicals (free of parabens, petroleum, fragrance and paraffin) and it can be used from birth

Sounds pretty amazing to me, and it is also great for chicken pox, bites and many other things, so this is really worth a watch.

Win a Pregnancy Subscription Box from Dear Bump CLICK HERE

Dear Bump

Click to watch 17/11/22

Dear Bump Sub BoxPregnancy Subscription Box

As with Baby2Sleep, Dear Bump was founded by a mum who struggled after giving birth, she realised that she hadn’t been prepared for what the pregnancy or parenting journey would be like and so Dear Bump was born.

Dearbump is on a mission to reinvent support for new and expecting parents. They offer award-winning pregnancy subscription boxes and gift boxes, which come with access to a midwife and digital support. They also offer workplaces this support, so if you’d like your employer to offer this as a benefit then please let them know about Dear Bump!
If you fancy treating a new or expecting mama, we have a special offer for you. Use discount code CHRISTMASBUMPS for 15% off our 3 and 6-month prepaid subscriptions and we will send your first box to your special someone in time for the 25th

Win an Anna Tummy Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow from Natal Comfort CLICK HERE

12 Days of Christmas with Baby2Sleep a Natal comfort

Click to watch 18/11/22

Sleeping mummyNice relaxing tea

You think the sleepless nights only start when you have a baby, so when you suddenly find yourself unable to sleep while pregnant, it can be a bit of an unexpected shock. Questioning how best to sleep? Wanting to take the pressure off your hips? Longing to lie on your tummy for a massage but thinking you can’t lie down due to such a large bump. Well, this is where the Anna pillow comes in.

Watch the video with Karli from Natal Comfort to find out more about sleep whilst pregnant, and how tummy sleeping can help relieve your pain.

Win an Eco-Swap Subscription Box from Between Green CLICK HERE 

12 days of Christmas with Baby2Sleep & Between Green

Click to watch 19/11/22

Between GreenBetween Green hamper

With climate change being something we can’t escape from, and our little ones coming home from school or nursery with the latest recycling challenge, we may begin to find ourselves becoming a little overwhelmed. The idea of going green, especially during a cost of living crisis, can be very scary. However, Between Green is helping to lighten that load by showing us how we can become a bit greener for less money, and taking some of the overwhelm away by letting us know that we don’t have to make big changes to become greener, If we all make small changes, together we can make a big impact. It isn’t quite so scary when you put it like this.

Jodie Clough is the owner of Between Green, an eco swap subscription box and a passionate advocate for slow living and everyone making small changes to have a less negative impact on our own health and the planet. As a mum of two herself, she shares simple sustainable advice for even the busiest lifestyles. Between Green Boxes are Letterbox Friendly and packed with products made by small businesses in the UK Do Good and Feel Good with Between Green.

Win a Dungaree and Bib Outfit from Bibevie CLICK HERE

12 Days of Christmas with Baby2Sleep & BiBEVIE

Click to watch 20/11/22

Bib set

Have you ever bought the cutest outfit for your baby for it to be covered up with an uncoordinated bib that ends up around the back of their neck not doing the job it’s supposed to? Bibevie is here to help.

Bibevie is a brilliant new baby clothes company with a difference… they create clothes with bibs that stay in place. Ethically and sustainably made, Bibevie outfits come with coordinating bibs that you can clip in, making them practical as well as super cute! In today’s video, Rhian shows us a couple of her products and explains why she created Bibevie – parents of dribblers, check it out!

Win 1 month Free in The Mumbership CLICK HERE

12 Days of Christmas with Baby2Sleep & The Mumbership

Click to watch 21/11/22

The Mumbership

The Mumbership is a monthly membership that is dedicated to providing all the help and information that a mum needs from pregnancy to the teenage years. They truly believe a mum’s help is the best help. With a fabulous community of mums, information at your fingertips and no end of expert guest speakers, The Mumbership really is a one-stop shop.

Win a Boobie Subscription Box from B Free Breastfeeding CLICK HERE

B Free BreastFeeding

Click to watch 22/11/22

Free BreastFeeding box

When I was breastfeeding my girls, I found it so difficult to get nice clothes to wear while breastfeeding. Winter was always a nightmare as you want to wear a nice warm jumper, but this just isn’t practical with a little one who needs to feed. With the cost of living crisis, we are turning our heating on less and less, and this makes breastfeeding in winter, even in the home, less appealing. B Free has the answer.

B Free Breastfeeding is a small business dedicated to providing fashionable and affordable breastfeeding clothing – with a community of over 11.5k on Facebook. Founder Katie found she struggled with what to wear, especially in the winter as a breastfeeding mum and it is because of this B Free was born and she runs it on her own with her seamstress Tina.

Win a SleepaSloth* CLICK HERE

Sleep Asloth

Click to watch 23/11/22


When Sofia was a baby, she needed a white noise machine to help her sleep, but with it being ran on batteries and not designed to attach anywhere, this made walking with the pram for sleep difficult. There wasn’t much more annoying than the batteries dying while walking for miles to get a nap. I love SleepaSloth for so many reasons and we talk about why I love it so much in the video.

SleepaSloth is a fully customisable and portable baby sound machine and sleep aid, made by parents for parents. With adjustable sound, volume, play duration, nightlight and voice recording functions, it has everything you need to help your baby drift off to sleep and stay asleep. SleepaSloth has just been fully funded on Kickstarter and is now going into production. You can pre-order at now for a March delivery!

*please note, the winner will be sent the prize once production is complete

Win a Fussy Eater Masterclass with Kitchen Titbits CLICK HERE

Kitchen Titbits

Click to watch 24/11/22


Do you have a fussy eater? Who doesn’t. I remember being told that baby-led weaning helps children be less fussy, in my experience, I am not quite sure this is true. I think we all have fussy eaters, regardless of how we wean. This is why this video from Kitchen Titbits is so helpful.

Sarah from Kitchen Titbits is a Family mealtimes mentor; helping parents transform mealtimes from stressful to stress-free. She specialises in working with parents on the practical aspects of family mealtimes. She will help you to support your fussy eater to develop a love of food, and your child to eat a wider variety of foods, but also work with you on how the whole family can have fun at mealtimes and enjoy quality family time together whilst sharing food or cooking together. She combines this with teaching key skills around meal planning and reducing food waste to help you feel more organised and in control in the kitchen, making best use of your time, energy and ingredients. Whilst her cookery sessions build confidence and her recipes provide inspiration, helping you answer that age old question of ‘what’s for dinner?’!

Win a Twinkle Twinkle Little Jar Balm from DEWCY CLICK HERE


Click to watch 25/11/22

Free CreamFree Cream

I feel lucky that I don’t have sensitive skin, however, I know so many people who do struggle with their skin, or their child suffers with eczema, and this is why I love this company and their products so much. If you or your child suffer with sensitive skin, you might find just what you are looking for in todays video.

DEWCY offers Simple, Sustainable Skincare for Sensitive Skin. From their waterless face balms to their wheat straw dermaplaners, they make sustainable beauty beautiful. Their patent pending skincare formulas focus on repairing the skin barrier, bringing a little calm and comfort to you and your skin. They are an ethical, science backed beauty brand that offers 100% transparency, detailing their ingredients, how they are processed, tested and manufactured. They also adopt a ‘give back’ ethos, supporting charities around the globe that address the climate crisis and foundations that support our farmers – ‘HAPPY SKIN HAPPY PLANET.’

No more false hope & hype, just TRUTHFUL BEAUTY brought to you by DEWCY! Their mission is to bring Sustainability, Authenticity, Transparency, Accountability and Education to the forefront of skincare. They want to tear down the walls between consumer and brand – ‘What We Know, You Know!’


Win ‘The Book Of You – A record of childhood’’ by Colour Chronicles CLICK HERE

The Book of youHand Painting‘The Book of You’ is a memory journal filled out once a year from age one with questions to ask the little one from age three.

Every year has a ‘Make your mark’ page for hand or foot prints, photos, or drawings along stats and pages for the grown up to capture the year.

It doesn’t assume anything about family, only asking ‘Who I am to you’ so is suitable for every family and doesn’t have to be the same person filling it out each year.

It ends at sixteen with hopes and predictions for the future and then the idea is to tuck it away for a few years and gift it back to them when they’re older or bring it out on a significant day.

It comes in six bright rainbow colours and the winner can choose which ever one you would like.

Win a signed copy with personalised message of best-seller How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds Redress and Results! CLICK HERE

Cow Typing

Helen Dewdney is The Complaining Cow consumer champion, often seen and heard in the media talking about consumer rights and topical consumer issues.

This is THE book you need to complain effectively! It includes real-life complaint examples, anecdotes, tips, consumer advice and handy template letters. You are helped to overcome the hurdles of the consumer complaints process. The book provides essential advice to complain effectively. It also covers how and where to take things further when you don’t get a satisfactory response. There’s also a useful contacts section. Check out the reviews for this incredibly useful book. The book is the result of over 40 years of experience.

Win a signed copy with personalised message of best-seller 101 Habits of an Effective Complainer CLICK HERE

Habits of and Effective Complainer

Sometimes complaining can be hard. You may need some confidence, it can take time or you just don’t know where to start. Although written in a light-hearted style this book packs a punch and will help get you in the perfect frame of mind for complaining effectively.
101 Habits of an Effective Complainer” has been designed to improve the way you look at and make complaints. Each page gives you a complaining habit to consider and an example of how and why it empowers you to become more effective in getting the results you want.
The foreword from the financial journalist, Paul Lewis and reviews from people like Rob Rinder and Matt Allwright shows how anyone can benefit from this book! Read it cover to cover or dip into it when you need to find some inspiration from its clear examples and entertaining images.

…and lastly

Win one of Baby2Sleep’s online courses CLICK THE IMAGE OF THE COURSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO WIN.

Win a course Win a courseWin a course

Nicole has found that one of the best ways to hep parents with their littles one sleep is to educate them on what is normal in terms of sleep and behaviours. No two children are the same, so why would we expect one plan to suit every baby.

What doesn’t change is normal sleep biology, normal baby and child developments, normal toddler boundary pushing and learning to manage their increasingly new emotions.

Evidence based information is something that is lacking in the parenting world, so this is where Baby2Sleep can help.

Education starts in pregnancy, supporting babies sleep and development and understanding what is normal and not so normal can drastically improve the parents mental health, which in turn can improve the whole parenting journey.

Baby2Sleep doesn’t believe that only the people who can afford help should be able to get help, which is why all her online courses will remain affordable to everyone. Nobody should be priced out of help.