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Origin Hybrid Mattress Review

In January 2023 I was lucky enough to be asked to trial the Origin Hybrid Mattress in return for an honest review. As sleep is something both myself and the families I work with value, and having struggled with my own sleep long after my children were sleeping, I felt it was worth a try. There was no commitment as the deal was if I didn’t like it, I could return it and have no obligation to them.

I am happy to say that I fell in love with this mattress from night 1. I slept for 7 hours straight, something that I hadn’t done in years.

Many things have disturbed my sleep over the years from poor sleep due to my eldest not sleeping, stress, pain, and an awful mattress that I thought I couldn’t afford to replace.

I am a long-term sufferer of fibromyalgia and hypermobility syndrome and have also suffered with restless leg syndrome from childhood, so it has been quite normal for me to wake up in pain in the night and start the day in pain and very stiff. A physiotherapist once said that trying to release the joints and muscles in my back was like trying to move marble. I had previously invested £2000 in what I thought was a good mattress, it was a pillow top mattress and felt extremely comfortable in the shop. Unfortunately, pillow top mattresses have a tendency to sag where you sleep so after a couple of years, I found myself sleeping in a me shaped hole which was not comfortable at all. Even purchasing a topper and filling the hole with memory foam didn’t really help as the damage to the mattress was too extensive, but unfortunately, the sag wasn’t enough to warrant a replacement under the warranty.

I was quite sceptical about a mattress that came in a box, but I had checked out the reviews of the Origin Hybrid Mattress and they seemed good enough to give it a chance, to be fair, the risk wasn’t huge as I didn’t have a great mattress to begin with. Origin was founded in 2018 and designed in Germany, so it wasn’t like I was trying something out that was untested, they are in 8 countries around the world and the reviews from these countries gave me the confidence to try it. They are new to the UK and would love some UK reviews, and I loved the fact they wanted honesty.

So, let me tell you about my experience. I ordered online just like any other customer, and my Super King mattress turned up at my door in a box. It was very heavy, and it took me and my husband to get it up the stairs. We have a U-shaped staircase with a low ceiling so think ‘pivot’ from Friends,lol. We managed to get it upstairs into the bedroom and we just left the box at the foot of the bed until we were ready to put the mattress on.

One of the things we were asked to do is film the unboxing, and as my husband is not one for getting in front of the camera, my then 6-year-old, Sofia, was very keen to help, so between me and my 6 year old daughter, we did the unboxing together. You can watch the unboxing here. We loved the way it just rolled out and took shape and it was really easy to get on. I will admit, if we had read the instructions, it would have been even easier, but we had put the box down with the instructions to the floor without realising so we just went with the flow. It definitely involved a lot of laughing trying to get in on the bed.

It also came with 2 Coolmax latex pillows which I was also very keen to try. As someone who has spent a lifetime in pain, I have invested a lot over the years in pillows and was yet to find one that didn’t leave me in pain. I can honestly say that I am yet to wake up with a sore neck since using this pillow. It is bouncy, holds its shape and not too firm or soft.

As for the mattress, I can say they I tend to sleep through most nights now, unless I get woken by the kids or have a busy mind, but whereas before, if I woke in the night, it was nearly impossible to fall back to sleep due to being in pain, now I am able to just move around and fall back to sleep.

It also offers stillness while others move on the bed. My girls like to come in once it’s morning and they tend to watch TV while I lie in bed wishing it wasn’t so early, (I am not a morning person), and there has been a number of occasions where I have fell back to sleep for an extra half hour while the girls are in the bed watching TV, and trust me, they do not sit still.

My average overnight sleep has improved since getting this mattress and I would say I now average 6.5 hours sleep a night opposed to the 5 hours average I used to get. I can tell if I have one of my old average nights now though as it knocks me for six. I have started getting used to my better sleep so a bad night makes me feel pretty rough, but I am happy to go to bed that bit earlier now as I know I can get to sleep and sleep well, whereas before I used to dread getting into bed.

So, from delivery, to unboxing, and getting a good nights sleep, I can’t recommend the Origin Hybrid Mattress highly enough. The other great thing about the Origin Hybrid Mattress is that it is affordable, comes with a 200 day trial and it comes with a 15 years warranty.

I genuinely haven’t got a bad thing to say about the mattress or the company, so if you are looking to improve your sleep, especially if it follows a long period of poor sleep from your baby or child not sleeping well, then I would recommend having a look into purchasing the Origin Hybrid Mattress and the Coolmax Latex Pillows. I feel so much better since I converted.

Disclaimer: Please note, these opinions are my own personal opinions and I cannot guarantee you will get the same experience as myself as we are all unique, I can only share my own personal experience.