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dad help with breastfeeding

How can Dads help with Breastfeeding

Hi, welcome to the next instalment of the Baby2Sleep Father’s Day mini-series. Today, I’m going to be talking about how dads can help with breastfeeding and come on that journey with you.

Breastfeeding is one of those things that sometimes dads feel like they shouldn’t, or they couldn’t get involved with, it’s something that only mums can do because at the end of the day, mums have the boobs!


It’s completely understandable that they may feel that way, and this can sometimes make them feel a bit pushed out and a bit sidelined. However, what if I told you that encouragement and support from Dad is profoundly important in both starting and continuing on the breastfeeding journey? There are lots of things that Dads can do to make this easier for mums.


Breastfeeding can be hard. It’s so worth it but it can be a struggle. The latch might be poor, you might have slow milk release – you might be in pain with sore and cracked nipples. And then there’s cluster feeding. No one tells you that can be hours at night. Having support from dad can really help you get through all of these things without feeling so frustrated.

How can dads help with breastfeeding?

For example, if Dad can actually learn about what a good latch looks like, if it looks like the baby’s not in the right position, he can help reposition them, so you’re both a bit more comfortable. Dad could also assume your nipples are going to be sore and get the nipple cream.  You may feel a little bit awkward talking to your partner about this sort of thing, because prior to having the baby, those nipples have been seen as something else. They’ve been more for pleasure than for your baby’s survival. It can be a strange topic to talk about, too, to your partner to say, “oh, yeah, look at my nipples, they’re all bleeding and they’re all really, really sore.” But dad can really help by assuming this is the case and offering the nipple cream.

If dad is helping you while you feed,  you will be less stressed, feeling more relieved and calmer, and if you feel like you can talk to someone about things, that’s going to help you relax. That’s going to help the breastfeeding journey in general. When dad helps with breastfeeding that is going to help the milk production and it’s going to help grow your relationship.



Help with Cluster feeding

So let’s talk about cluster feeding. Mum could end up being sat there for three hours or so while baby is just attached to the boob, and she could be really frustrated and just not really knowing what to do.

What can dads do? Make sure there’s a snack there, make sure there’s a drink, put the pots away, do the pots, wash them if they need washing, load the dishwasher, put the washing away, and anything else that needs doing around the house. Then come in and sit down with her, put a film on, have a chat, whatever it might be, and spend some time together. What’s really important is your connection and your bond together as well. So, while this is going on, spend that time together, watch a film and just enjoy it.


It’s really important that you build those bonds and enjoy it now while you can, because parenting is really hard, especially if you hit the sleep deprivation stage. So, work together now and be together as one unit. If you need support or you want to be around other people that are going through the same stage, come and join us in the Baby2Sleep Village Facebook group



But yes, breastfeeding is a journey that you go on together – it’s not one or the other. Dads can help with breastfeeding and have a role that really does good for mum and for the baby too!